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You don’t know how to organise your company’s logistics? We can advise you.

Alpec offers experience and professional competence to advise on transport economy, distribution systems and logistic organisation.

If you are considering the possibility to contract comprehensive logistic management for your company, it may be because you suspect there is potential for improvements in your procedures. But you don’t know how to identify and obtain the benefit or because you want to design a logistic system for a new project without having the necessary professional competence.

The solution which we suggest is classic and consists of three steps:

Analysis of the status quo –  Competitive Comparison –  Decision-making and measures

This is only feasible with the support of the management at the advised company.

The services we provide for this process include:

  • Implementation of a customised computer system to control transport management
  • A team exclusively devoted to organise your company’s logistics, with two options:                  
    • At your company
    • Outsourcing the service
  • Absolute transparency in collaboration operations

The root of the word logistics is, on the one hand, “logic”, from Greek and can be translated as capacity to think and argue reasonably, and on the other hand, the Anglo-Saxon word “logistic”, initially referring to the provision of military troops in combat.

Our logistic processes are skilfully developed in terms of time, cost and quality. We have a highly experienced team which guarantee reaction capacity in the case of an unexpected event.

Comprehensive management within reach

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