About Us

Our team is specialised in certain logistic fields, with a global direction and focused on mutual success in the long term. We are a team that works in collaboration to attain the aims, with solidarity and sharing the same ethical values. Our logo comprises three main elements: our name, the ant and the red carpet for “Red Carpet Service”. The ant represents team work which is essential to build a solid home. And the red carpet symbolizes the fact that we give our customers the same value as a guest because every single customer with its special needs is very important for us.


With our operation we create trust, security and a solid value for the client. We attempt to do everything possible so that our name is associated with reliability, trust and high quality service. The client’s trust is the heart of our business. We are known for our flexibility and creativity in elaboration of our services and for the accuracy in securing them.

The goal of our company is to continue growing at the same speed and to be able to take our red-carpet philosophy to a more and more globalised world, in which not only the price but also the quality counts.


Our team is the one achieving results with its effort, human quality and professional competence. Every year, the company invests at least 1% of turnover in further education.

Any person, irrespective of their sex, race, religion or social status may hold a post at Alpec, as long as they identify with our ethical values and have the professional competences. We expressly defend an open treatment and trust among ourselves, experiment with changes and new ideas, diversity of perspectives and skills.


Sharing ethical values in our daily work is the backbone of our business activity. The human intellect of our opinions and actions is an overall goal – never a means to an end. 

 We assume responsibilities in society, also beyond professional activity.

 If you like to find out more about our social and environmental commitment, please take a look at our blog, where you will find some solidarity actions in which Alpec participated.

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